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Shaanxi Joyelectric International Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that is deal with international business mainly covering electric and energy system,Website:, supplying products and service in the field of power transmission and distribution. Our company is located in No.38, Gaoxin Road, Baoji, Shaanxi, China. We have two factories: one is producing VCB as well as main components of VCB; such as vacuum interrupter, embedded pole, operating mechanism, insulation components, etc.; another factory is producing switchgear, RMUs as well as box type transformer. We are devoting ourselves to afford our customers with profitable growth by offering integrated comprehensive ideal solution. Due to our rich experience in electric and energy system, we are capable of offering customized innovation, design, product manufacturing and excellent service. Joyelectric has established long-term strategic cooperation with customers from the East Europe, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other areas. Joyelectric is dedicated to being a reputable and specialized international enterprise under our career concept: always standing in your position, creating long-term faithworthy relationship, win-win development. Development together with Joyelectric ! Electricity create joyful life Joyelectric guarantee reliability and safety
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Vacuum circuit breaker,vacuum switch,12kV vacuum circuit breaker,VCB, MV circuit breaker, lateral type VCB, High voltage circuit breaker, HV circuit breaker, 24kV vacuum circuit breaker, 40.5kV vacuum circuit breaker,Switchgear, medium voltage switchgear,HV panel, MV panel, operating mechanism, vacuum Interrupter, vacuum bottle, embedded pole, assembly pole, Insulation components,SF6 housing,bending plate, ring main unit accessories, insulation tube and cylinder,insulated operating rod, insulator and sensor, wall bushing, insulator,contact box, insulation accessories, conducting copper components, Contact arm, fixed contact, tulip contact, flexible connector, chassis, motorized chassis, earthing switch, auxiliary switch, motor, coil, front plate, counter, wiring connector, terminals, VCB pin plug, Remote control meter, SF6 gas density meter, SF6 gas pressure gage, SF6 gas valve, Smart SF6 gas density transmission controller, interlock mechanism and device,VCB production line, VCB Upender, Slitting line, HJ core cutting machine, Horizontal auto winding machine, Combined winding machine, Layer insulation folding machine, Foil coil winding machine, Dry epoxy coil winding machine, Double layers foil coil winding, Multilayer foil coil winding machine, Corrugated fin forming line, Terminal crimping machine, Wire stripping and twisting machine
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